Hanging Gardens New Drop is here – and it’s completely sustainable!

Emotional Apparel team is proud to announce that after weeks of hard work our New Hanging Gardens Drop is here! We’re happy that finally we can show you the results – we’ve been looking forward to it. This edition is very special for us because it shows the new direction for our manufacturing. This collection brings strong ethical value apart from the vapor aesthetic. We are using completely sustainable materials for all of the clothing so it provides fair trade and other sustainable certifications. We are well aware of the lethal impact that unbalanced fast fashion production has on our planet so we decided to put a great emphasis on this subject while still providing you with the best quality design.

The set will include 2 hoodies and 2 T-shirts in different colour versions (black & white), black tote bag and 2 versions of stickers, that will be completely free to every order! As always you can pick one or provide yourself with a full set to show the world that you’re one of us! Every item from this limited edition of merch is signed with our HG logo – the vaporwave castle with roof gardens surrounded by stars which refers to one the most well-known ancient wonders of the world – Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It supports the vaporwave aesthetic for greek and roman painting and sculptures, but also – it is a fun place to hang out (pun intended 😉 ).

What are Hanging Gardens? How can I join?

If you have no idea what we’re talking about and what’s the buzz with all this Hanging Garden’s thing we hasten to explain! We’re talking about our Discord server created and dedicated to collaboration and support of the artist and designers on the vaporwave scene. If you want to be one of us and fuel your veins in vapor – join the tribe and be marked by the Hanging Gardens!

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